9 cool things to do in New York




 Beer and Brewery tour – in addition to all the beers you’ll get to taste and cool breweries you’ll get to see, it’s also a sightseeing trip, as you’re driving around New York to visit 5 different breweries. We spent a week in New York in 2014, when I’d just met my boyfriend, and you can say that I wasn’t that into beer at the time. Everything I know about beer I’ve learned from him. In between the brewery stops, I looked out the window and enjoyed the sightseeing part of the trip, while my boyfriend took part in a beer quiz and won a few beer glasses.



Bring some snacks and find a bench in Central Park or a different park. Say hi to a few squirrels and watch the daily life in New York go by. A running club (or something like that) enjoyed a workout in the park when we were there. Loads of training outfits. We were about to enjoy the Beer and Brewery tour and drink more calories than we dared to count, but I guess we burned a few calories by watching them work out. At least I would like to think we did..



Walk across Brooklyn Bridge. This was such an amazing experience and one of the highlights of our trip. It helped that the weather was excellent as well..



Sit down on a bench in Brooklyn Bridge Park and watch the amazing sunset. We sat there for a couple of hours and watched the colors of the sky change into amazing combinations of yellow and orange.



Instead of spending several dollars on the boat to the Statue Of Liberty, jump on the free ferry to Staten Island, and you’ll have an amazing view of her from the ferry. A little wind in your hair doesn’t hurt either. I loved standing in the back of the boat as we went past her.



Try to get tickets to your favorite Broadway musical. We had such a great fun at the Rock of Ages show. And my boyfriend got really excited when it turned out that we could buy jelly shots! I didn’t like them though, which made him even happier. It was an amazing show! Such great artists! We ended up watching the Rock of Ages movie when we got home (starring Tom Cruise).



Visit Top of the Rocks (at the top of the Rockefeller Center) instead of Empire State Building. The view is amazing. We ended up buying a ticket where we could visit twice – once during daytime, and also at night. I loved the view more at daytime though. That might have had something to do with the weather. It was raining, and the top deck was closed.



My boyfriend is a beer enthusiast, which made us search for cool bars to visit. We visited The Pony Bar. A really cool place. It might be an idea to download the Untappd app (a social beer app) in advance – loads of great beers to try.


If you’re into standup, visit the Gotham Comedy Club.


Have you been to New York? Please leave a comment! 



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